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Actress, clown, improviser, coach, mother and gamer!



     Why this game?


I like various things and in my life I always tried to connect them. Apart from being an actress, hospital clown, voice coach and improvisation teacher, I am also a mother of two and an avid board game player.

I was a decent Canasta player at the age of five and I did not stop there. My mum introduced me to puzzles, riddles and games and our world consisted mainly of dice, pieces and boards. Even then we created our own little rules or even whole games. It was so much fun and also it worked wonders for our creativity and gave us the opportunity to learn about ourselves. And don't get me started on party games :-)

I strive to make people happy and playful. So it was my dream to create a whole game from a scratch. That dream is now laying before you - in the form of EPIGAMES.

Social isolation of 2020 gave me a different outlook on life - I wanted to turn this curse into a blessing and create something that would never occur to me before - an on-line game.

With the help of my friends from the School of improvisation, wonderful artist and graphic designer Tereza Pešková - we present to you this game.


Opportunity to get to know each other and mainly - to have fun.

Any comment, feedback is welcomed on e-mail address We also encourage you to share the experience with our game on social media.

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