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Hi! I'm Epina, and in my work as a Medical Clown, I've met many people who have influenced lives. I always wanted my work and activities to help, so I decided that this new game will help this new game EPIGAMES - LET'S GET TO KNOW YOU


Péťa Kašpar















He was born in 2012. They have been saying since he was a terrible animal. He took his first steps at 8 months and in the year he dug into a balloon in the garden. Just a lively, happy and satisfied child. In 2015, the whole family's life turned upside down in one second. When they returned from a holiday by the sea, they had a car accident. Péta and her mother flew helicopters to the hospital, but unfortunately the doctors did not manage to save the doctors.

















"I and my whole family, friends and acquaintances and a lot of completely strangers who help us, we try to improve my condition, even if it's just a little bit. It's a lot of hard work, it can't do without tears, but then I'm very happy when I succeed in something I couldn't do before. Maybe scratch your nose. And my mother says that she can't do what I can do at all and that I'm a very clever "chjap". "


You can find the whole story of the Kašpar family at


The family saves on a new motor chair and a special movement plate so that it can continue to develop, and I want to help them with that.


You can help either by being for yourself or someone close to you,

you buy my game and you make me happy several times,

or you can contribute directly to account of Petr 2200839408/2010.


Thank you very much!


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